Help Your Guests Feel Welcome with a Modern Entrance Lobby

When it comes to welcoming guests, nothing feels more welcoming than stepping into an entranceway that looks like a slice of modern art. If you’re looking to spruce up your lobby and make it feel more like a gateway to your space. From a black and white living room to a sleek conference room, these entrances will help you welcome your guests with a modern twist. Whether you’re updating your lobby for a new building, or simply want to add a little modern design to your home, these entrances will help you create the perfect modern entrance.

Create a welcoming space

Popular with new developments and large corporations, black and white lobby designs are a rare addition to the space. If you have black and white walls, a black and white rug, and black and white artwork, you’ll have a welcoming space with minimal furniture. Pairing a modern wall design with a geometric rug and geometric artwork creates a stark backdrop that works well with any modern design aesthetic.

Black and white is a great alternative to more common color palettes for lobbies. What’s great about black and white lobby designs is that it doesn’t feel too corporate or too warm. Instead, it lets the space feel sleek and clean, while still keeping it welcoming. If you’re looking to update your lobby, but don’t want to go too far into a modern aesthetic, black and white is a great way to start.

Incorporate a modern color palette

One of the best ways to make your lobby feel modern is by incorporating a modern color palette. From bright orange to bright yellow, modern lobby designs often use a bold color palette to create a welcoming space. Bright color palettes are often used for lobbies because they go well with modern furniture and designs. Using a modern color palette will help your guests immediately associate your space with modernity, instead of having to guess what the space looks like.

Orange is one of the most common modern color palettes used in lobbies. Orange is a great color to use if you’re updating your lobby because it goes well with most modern furniture and designs. Using bright orange chairs, orange walls, and orange artwork will instantly add a modern twist to your lobby. Orange is a very bold color, so if you want to tone it down a bit, try using a grey rug and some grey artwork instead.

Add wall sconce lighting

Lamps that light up your walls are a great way to add a modern vibe to your lobby. One thing to note is that modern lighting often has a very stark light. If you want your lighting to feel modern without feeling cold, bright light is a good start. Using modern wall sconce lights will allow you to add modern lighting to your walls, while still having soft lighting that does not feel too stark.

Wall sconce lighting can help create a modern interior without having to use too many traditional lights. Using bright, but dimmed lights is a great way to add a modern vibe to your lobby without feeling cold. Pair wall sconce lights with bright orange or yellow walls to make your lobby feel modern while still feeling welcoming.

Add geometric shapes and lines

Geometric shapes, both hanging and on the floor, are another great way to add a modern vibe to your lobby. A geometric rug can help tie all of your modern furniture together, while also helping to create a bold geometric feel in your lobby.

Tracks, rails, and geometric shapes can all help make your lobby feel sleek, modern and futuristic. When it comes to geometric shapes, try to avoid using lines that are too sharp. Remember, guests will be walking on these lines and sitting on these shapes, so be careful not to make them feel too uncomfortable. Instead, choose geometric lines that feel more soft and inviting.

A geometric rug and geometric artwork is a great way to create a modern lobby. Using geometric shapes, like a geometric rug or geometric artwork, will help create a modern feel, while still staying within your space.

Install black and white artwork on the ceiling

Whilst there are many popular lobby designs that focus on the floor, installing black and white artwork on the ceiling is a great way to make your guests feel welcome. A gallery wall or multiple art pieces on the ceiling can help make your lobby feel like a living space, while still making use of the space above your guests’ heads.

Whether you want to include art pieces from different eras or have abstract geometric art, a gallery wall is a great way to add a modern vibe to your lobby. Try incorporating black and white artwork and geometric shapes with your space for a sleek modern look.


Lobbies can often feel like a cold, sterile space. With black and white lobby designs, you can help your guests feel welcome with a space that looks modern and sleek. Whether you want to update your space or simply add a modern vibe to your home, these designs are a great start. From bright orange chairs to geometric artwork, a sleek modern rug, and geometric shapes, black and white designs are a great way to make your space feel welcoming.






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